Protecting and promoting the interests of franchised dealers throughout Illinois

My name is Sean Grant, Landmark Automotive Group, Springfield, and it is my pleasure to serve as IADA Chairman in 2022. While we don’t know when in-person meetings and legislative hearings will replace virtual events, we are actively representing dealer interests. IADA's primary mission is to represent franchised dealers before the Illinois Legislature and various Regulatory Agencies. We are already beginning to see a record number of legislative introductions which we are tracking and scheduled to testify on. Please be prepared to contact your Legislators when needed! Your grassroots efforts will help us make sure the dealer voice is heard in our State Capitol.

Recent Dealer Issues:

  • Defending the dealer franchise system and protecting consumers from challenges presented by manufacturers selling directly to the public and manufacturers that try subverting their sales and service agreements with dealers by rebranding product lineups. 
  • Removing the cap on the motor vehicle trade-in sales tax credit. (Accomplished - effective Jan. 1st)
  • Fighting to improve compensation for warranty and recall repairs. (Accomplished - effective Jan. 1stClick here for details
  • Reversing the Military APR rate cap that impairs the sale of vehicle protection products like GAP waivers and service contracts. Click here to view the Fact Sheet
  • Fighting to retain the retailers’ sales tax collection allowance (Accomplished)
  • Extending the out-of-state driveaway permit from 30 to 90 days and creating a dealer title to use when title reassignment lines are full. (Accomplished - effective Jan. 1st)
  • Fighting attempts to cut the doc fee in half (Accomplished)

As you can see, your support of IADA is more important than ever!


1 Jan

Jan 1, 2022

January 1st Changes

Driveaway permit extended to 90 days.
$20 Dealer title.

11 Aug

Aug 11, 2021

Find an IL Title No#

To access the IL SOS Cyberdrive site and look up an IL title no# for your ERT process, click here.

To check the status of a CVR transaction within the SOS system, click here.


IADA is excited to begin offering the NADA Professional Series right here in Illinois at our IADA office. We want to provide the most efficient and affordable way to offer this best-in-class training to your dealership managers without having to fly to other parts of the country and spend extra nights in hotels.
The current franchised new-car dealer model has benefited consumers, manufacturers and local communities for nearly a century. It is supported by both dealers and factories as the best and most efficient way to buy, sell, service and finance cars.
IADA and CATA promoted legislation Public Act 102-232 to increase dealer compensation for warranty repairs will take effect on January 1, 2022. The following article summarizes the upcoming changes to warranty reimbursement and provides guidance on steps that dealers can take now to best take advantage of those changes.
New study in the journal Applied Economics analyzed data on new car sales, finding that dealership competition “significantly” lowers consumer prices on new car and truck purchases.
NADA Mike Stanton, "“Franchised dealers are making big investments in the future of selling EVs. We’re part of the solution. We’re essential to rolling out electric vehicles to the mass market.” Click on the blog post to keep reading!

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