IADA Endorsed Services and Vendors

Customer Service On Hold Solutions


This message and music on-hold solution is designed to enhance the dealership operation. With discount rates the product is superior to the competition.

AMS - On Hold Solutions
Contact: Alan Bass
ph# 800-584-4653 ex. 6317
P.O. BOX 590, Manassas, VA 20108

Digital Compliance Enforcement Plan
Dealer Safeguard Solutions, Inc.

Stop Hoping... Start Knowing

  1. Eliminate Paperwork Liability from your Showroom.
  2. Eliminate Dead Deal Jackets.
  3. Reduce Deal Transaction Time.
  4. Increase Sales Process Efficiencies.
  5. Improve CSI.
  6. Appeal to Millennials.
  7. Reduce Contracts in Transit.
  8. Proven Ability to Maintain a Compliant Environment.
  9. Protect Your Dealership, Your Brand, and Your Customer.

Compliance is complicated, confusing… it’s here to stay. Training doesn’t stick where it matters most… the sales floor. Audits and reviews are historical snapshots… too late to fix, we can help!

Dealer Safeguard Solutions, Inc.

Contact: Matt Hanaman-Regional Sales Manager
P: 815-414-0886
E: matt@dsgss.com


Electronic Vehicle Registration


Computerized Vehicle Registration (CVR) is a General Partnership between CDK Global and the Reynolds and Reynolds Company. Formed in 1992, CVR is the leading provider of Electronic Vehicle Registration and Titling programs in partnership with Motor Vehicle Agencies across the US. CVR currently has value added programs operational in 23 states and over 16,000 clients. CVR pioneered dramatic improvements in the speed, accuracy, efficiency, and security of the Vehicle Registration and Title process while extending this capability to the point of purchase. CVR processes over 15 million vehicle transactions and over 4 million secure DMV inquiries annually. CVR is dedicated to partnering with Motor Vehicle Agencies and key Dealer Associations to deliver process improvement, financial and operational benefits that translate to alternative delivery services and high value options offered to the driving public.

IADA/CVR Program


Energy Provider
Lower Electric

LowerElectric® specializes in helping business clients in deregulated states across the country manage their energy costs.  A bidding process that shops many highly rated energy providers ensures our clients get the best prices and best suppliers available.  

 Since 2001, LowerElectric® has helped thousands of client accounts save money on their energy costs across deregulated states, including but not limited to Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Texas. Most of our clients are long-term or repeat clients, and we have excellent references available upon request. 

 We offer comprehensive services that save you time and money while managing your energy costs, including full-time/in-house customer support, energy benchmarking, demand response, energy reduction/procurement, budgeting, and energy efficiency. 
 Lower Electric is a founding member of ILEPA, now known as TEPA, which is a national trade organization that sets ethical standards for the energy industry. We take pride in our reputation for honesty and integrity. Our goal is to create and foster relationships with our clients to help them save money on their energy costs now and in the future.  

Contact: William Schloss - (847)-272-0700 x 229, bill@lowerelectric.com


Environmental, OSHA & HR Management Compliance Services

KPA’s vision is Better Workplace, Better Workforce, Better World. Over 6,200 clients across the US and Canada trust KPA as the top compliance expert on Environmental Health and Safety Solutions with over 5,700 of those clients being franchised automobile dealerships. Currently 8 of the top 10 automobile dealership groups are KPA clients. KPA offers a full suite of compliance products with onsite, online, and on-call delivery options to meet specific client requirements. KPA’s solutions have been endorsed by 26 state dealer associations, each working closely with KPA to monitor regulatory changes and manage programs to ensure dealership compliance with state and federal regulations. 

Environmental Health & Safety Compliance
KPA delivers EHS expertise with the right combination of software, training, compliance programs, and onsite facility audits, immediately improving worker safety, reducing risk, preventing accidents, and cutting management time spent on permitting, policy management, and training. KPA clients avoid compliance fines and penalties, improve staff communication, efficiency, and preparedness, cut workers compensation rates, streamline audits, and build an effective safety culture.

HR Drive
HRDrive from KPA drives HR expertise throughout your organization. Our software helps you efficiently manage the employee lifecycle, training, management, and compliance using intuitive wizards and templates. KPA’s on-call and onsite consulting from attorneys and certified HR professionals delivers individualized insight making you the HR hero. KPA clients are able to cut turnover, decrease onboarding costs, and avoid non-compliance fines and legal action.

Sales & Finance Compliance
KPA’s Sales & Finance Compliance solution delivers a comprehensive program that limits liabilities across your sales and finance departments, protecting your dealership. Online training, on-site audits, and immediate access to customized policies and procedures drive accountability among all customer-facing personnel. The SFC solution helps grow your revenue and profits through a better buying experience and improved customer service directly impacting repeat and referral business.

Contact: Cliff Hollen/ 815-414-0886 / info@kpa.io
KPA | Account Executive | info@kpa.io | Office: 720.727.0976 | Mobile: 937.776.7623 | www.kpa.io  

KPA is a dealer services provider for over 5,100 automotive, truck, and equipment dealerships and service companies. KPA provides on-site and on-call consulting services for Environment & Safety (OSHA, EPA, DOT), and HR Management compliance. KPA is headquartered in Lafayette, CO. and is endorsed by 24 ADA’s across the United States.

Forms for Dealerships
CDK EasySource Forms

Selling a car is hard enough without the paperwork getting in the way. IADA & CDK EasySource are pleased to offer DealerCAP, a document system that is efficient, cost-effective, and customer focused to assist you with compliance efforts. While no forms system is a substitute for sound legal advice, DealerCAP forms can help with dealership efforts to prevent some paperwork errors commonly found in a motor vehicle transaction such as:

  • Incorrectly drafted documents
  • Conflicting or missing documents
  • Missing, incomplete or conflicting disclosures
  • Using forms that haven't been updated with the current legal code

Once you have an efficient document system in place, you can devote more time to increasing customer satisfaction and creating additional profit opportunities within your dealership. DealerCAP helps prevent problems and misunderstandings with customers from occurring and assists in ensuring that they are satisfied with the entire transaction. In addition, DealerCAP can help your dealership maximize your profit opportunities on each individual transaction. Click here to place an order on the IADA web site. No credit card needed, simply place your order and a CDK EasySource representative will call you concerning your order.

CDK EasySource
Kristin Maynes
Toll Free: 888-323-1915, Ext. 80427
email: Kristin.maynes@taylorcommunications.com


Insurance Disability
American Fidelity Assurance

An industry leader in providing disability benefits to dealers across the state and across the country. Pride in their products and quality service exemplifies their personal commitment to you as a dealer. From long/short term disability plans to Section 125 administration, American Fidelity offers a wide selection of benefits to your employees.

2000 N. Classen Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73106


Insurance - Property-Work Comp-Financial Protection
Federated Insurance

IADA is proud to announce Federated Insurance as the recommended service provider of property & liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and financial protection services to all IADA members.As the association-preferred insurance carrier, Federated Insurance can help you take the smartest, most cost effective approach to protecting your dealership. Federated’s field staff are specialists in the auto industry and they are committed to excellence when it comes to serving your needs. Contact Matthew Specht ph# 309-826-8484 or email maspecht@fedins.com for more details or visit www.federatedinsurance.com.


Lighting and Security

Trydon’s proprietary ChaseLight® system, developed in 2012, blends lighting and security into a single, integrated control specifically tailored for auto dealers. Designed to integrate with new and existing outdoor lighting installations, our intelligent system monitors the area beneath each pole and any late night motion can trigger an audible alarm and flashing light, deterring vandalism and theft. ChaseLight understands the difference between the behavior of vandals and the interests of window shoppers, welcoming them to enjoy an after-hours walk through of your vehicle inventory. This innovative approach to inventory protection saves dealers significant repair and replacement costs. In addition, ChaseLight can reduce insurance premiums and self-insurance exposure while lowering energy consumption, resulting in reduced operating costs. 

Why not let your lighting system work harder for you? With ChaseLight it’s easier to proactively chase away risk than watch surveillance video the next morning. Secure your lot today. For a free estimate and cost savings analysis or visit www.trydontrue.com.

Contact Don Jacobs, President at 314-956-7848 or don@trydontrue.com for a free estimate and cost savings analysis.    

Member Shipping Program

Due to the large number of IADA members and the high volume of daily shipping required for IADA programs like CVR and the IADA Business Forms, IADA has negotiated an extremely competitive FedEx Shipping program unique for Illinois clients only. You know you can count on FedEx to deliver expertise, great service and great value for all your shipping needs, virtually anytime, anywhere. And with IADA, there are no enrollment fees or shipping quotas so you can start saving quickly with this FedEx program! For more information contact the IADA office, 1-800-252-8944.


Payment Processing Services

IADA is partnered with DealerPay to offer customized dealer programs with
un-matched pricing and top notch service and support for the following solutions:

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Mobile Payments/eCommerce
  • Loyalty Solutions/Gift Cards
  • Check/ACH Processing
  • POS Software/Hardware
  • Security (PCI Compliance)
  • Technology/Marketing
  • Account Management & More!

Gain peace of mind and call a trusted name with 15 years of automotive payment acceptance experience. Find out how you can save money, increase technology, enhance security and get amazing support and service. Contact Julie Douglas for a NO-OBLIGATION cost/service analysis, 314-578-3142, julie@dealer-pay.com, www.dealer-pay.com. Click here for more detailed information.


NADA Retirement from Empower

  •   Retirement Programs - NADA’s affinity relationship with Empower Retirement offers our members a competitive retirement program specifically designed for Dealers and their employees. Dealer members have access to high-quality retirement plans with competitive fees and a wide array of investment tools. Empower Retirement, the second-largest retirement services provider in the US, brings knowledge, specialized service, and a high-tech user experience through their interactive website.
  •  NADA Retirement from Empower - is committed to providing exceptional value through a combination of administrative expertise, multiple support channels, retirement-driven calculators and readiness tools, and a winning team of service professionals devoted to helping clients achieve financial success.
  • Contact Empower: Todd Adrian stands ready to help you build a plan designed to meet and exceed your retirement plan goals. Todd can be reached at Todd.Adrian@empower-retirement.com or by calling him directly at (970)-581-8633.


Service Center
Identifix: Service all Makes and Models with Confidence

Direct-Hit gives your service center the ability to fix late model and off-brand vehicles with as much speed and accuracy as the new vehicles you sell on the lot. Don’t settle for servicing just the vehicles you sell, empower your Fixed Ops with Direct-Hit’s combination confirmed fixes and OEM repair information to provide service for any vehicle on the road.

  • Over 3,500,000 real fixes provided by real technicians to get you to the right repair fast.
  • An Industry leading source for OE Repair Manuals to complete every repair with confidence.
  • Full labor and parts information from the OEMs, MOTOR, and Chilton covering 50+ years of vehicle makes/models.
  • Factory direct maintenance schedules to help your team set additional appointments and sell more services on the spot.

Contact: Darren Stuart, darren.stuart@solera.com
Cell: 559-909-2617

Title & License Service
IADA Fas-Title Service:

IADA can be your agent in Springfield to handle your Manual Fast Title Service. IADA can be your agent to deal with the Secretary of State and the Department of Revenue. The IADA service will:

  • Provide fast, daily title service
  • Ship license plates and ID cards back within 1 day
  • Provide daily processing of ST556 tax forms
  • Expedite applications with odometer problems
  • Expedite applications that are held in "Quality/Error Control”

300 W. Edwards St. Suite 400
Springfield, IL 62704
(800) 252-8944

Click here for fees and forms to begin your application process.

Out-of-State Title & License Service
Click here for out-of-state title & license service through IADA-CVR. Dealer Relations can be contacted through phone, 303-267-0779.